Powder Coating Stockton

Local, Professional Powder Coating Services for Stockton, Illinois

Powder Coating Stockton, Illinois

At Countryside Powder Coating, we have years of experience in the precision application of powder coating, including automotive powder coating.

Powder coating consists of the spray application of a dry, electro-statically charged powder to a metal component or part. Once the powder is applied, the part is cured in an oven to produce a durable, long-lasting finish.

powder coating stockton

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What Can You Powder Coat?

Powder coating can be applied to anything that can withstand 400 degrees. Some examples are:

We do a complete cleaning, old finish removal by a chemical or blasting process, preparation and powder coating in hundreds of colors or finishes (matte, semi-gloss, gloss, hammertone and more), single or multicolor. We are only limited by the size of our oven, which can handle parts up to 8 ft long by 6 ft wide.

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