Powder Coating Services

Serving Freeport, Illinois and Surrounding Areas since 2013

Powder Coating Services

Serving Freeport, Illinois and Surrounding Areas since 2013

Powder Coating

Why Should You Powder Coat?

We often get asked, what is the difference between powder coating and painting? While they both have specific use cases, here are some reasons why we choose powder coating.

powder coating
About Our Company

Why Choose Us?

Countryside Powder Coating was started out of the necessity for good, high quality powder coating in the local area. Our batch process is ideal for small, as well as large, runs of parts. Each part is inspected, prepped and coated by our professionals before baking in our closely regulated oven. The result is an extremely durable, long-lasting finish.

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One-Off Projects

Many powder coaters won't accept and run a single item that you may want powder coated. We, on the other hand, DO run single items to make sure you get what you want.

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Local Powder Coating

No need to drive to the city to get your parts powder coated! Located in-between Rockford and Dubuque, we are ready to save you the time and gas money with affordable local powder coating.

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Bulk Production

With our oven being 6'x6'x8', we have the ability to powder coat bulk production parts. Whether it is a one-time bulk production job or an on-going bulk production job, we welcome it all.

What Can You Powder Coat?

Anything able to withstand the temperature of 400 degrees is able to be powder coated. A few examples are:

Rejuvenate Antique Items

Antique Items

Bring back to life the original-like appearance of your old antique collectables! Sandblasted to remove all the old paint and rust, we then powder coat with the colors of your choice, making for a durable finish to last another’s lifetime.

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Dif Cover-before-RS Dif Cover-after-RS

Protect Your New Parts

Your New Parts

Whether you’re restoring your vehicle, replacing a part, or bought a new piece of equipment, we always recommend powder coating it so it has a durable finish to last down the road. Colors come in all sorts, including polished aluminum if you like the brand new look.

Proudly Serving the Following Areas:

  • Freeport, Illinois
  • Lena, Illinois
  • Pecatonica, Illinois
  • Lake Carroll, Illinois
  • Lanark, Illinois
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