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lawn and garden powder coating

Durable Powder Coating

Lawn and Garden Equipment
Powder Coating

Enhance Durability With Professional Powder Coating Solutions for lawn and garden equipment

What we do

Protecting Your lawn and garden equipment

  • Plow blades (snow plows)
  • Lawn mower decks
  • Frames of lawn tractors and garden equipment
  • Hedge trimmer blades and handles
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Garden tiller tines and frames
  • Leaf blower housings and handles
  • Chainsaw bodies and handles
  • Sprayer tanks and frames
  • Edger blades and frames

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Why choose powder coating for your equipment

Powder coating for lawn and garden equipment has many advantages over conventional coating techniques. The lifespan of the metal surfaces and parts of your lawn and garden machinery is effectively extended by our powder coating process, which offers an excellent finish and superior durability. The appearance of a powder coated finish rivals that of a professional paint job, but it goes beyond aesthetics. Our powder coating acts as a shield, protecting your lawn and garden equipment from rust, heat, scratches, wear and tear, and even severe weather.

We recognize that the parts of your machinery need additional defense against grit, debris, and harsh environments. We precisely provide that protection with our powder coating solution. In contrast to regular paint, powder coat creates a strong and durable barrier that protects your metal components from the weather. It demonstrates impressive resistance to spills and chemicals, ensuring that your machinery is protected even in difficult circumstances. No matter what challenges your lawn and garden equipment parts encounter in your outdoor spaces, you can rely on our powder coating to keep them preserved and well-protected.

color options

Choosing The perfect color and Texure finish

With our extensive selection of colors and finishes for powder coating lawn and garden equipment, you can express your individual style and enhance the visual impact of your machinery. You can choose from a wide range of alternatives, such as flat, satin, gloss, high gloss, metallic, candy, clear, iridescent, fluorescent, wrinkle, hammer tone, and glitter finishes. We provide the ideal coating option to fit your preferences, whether you prefer a smooth and subtle appearance or a bright and vibrant statement. Create a striking visual appeal that expresses your uniqueness and improves the overall appearance of your lawn and garden equipment by precisely personalizing your lawn and garden equipment.

Look at the many color and texture options here.

Lawn & Garden Equipment
Powder Coating

Our shop is located in Freeport, IL

Our shop is located in rural Freeport, Illinois, right off of highway 20. An easy access for serving the surrounding community!

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