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home and garden powder coating

professional powder coating

Home & Garden Furnishings
Powder Coating

Enhance Durability And Aesthetics With Professional home and garden Powder Coating Solutions

What we do

transforming and protecting your home and garden furnishings

  • Outdoor light fixtures and lanterns
  • Handrails and staircases
  • Mailboxes and house numbers
  • Window frames and shutters
  • Bike racks and storage racks
  • Patio and lawn furniture (tables, chairs, benches)
  • Sculptures and metalwork (garden ornaments, statues)
  • Interior design projects (lampshades, decorative metal panels)
  • Garden fences and gates
  • Metal flower pots and planters

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why choose home and garden powder coating

Home and garden powder coating provides numerous benefits over traditional coating methods. Your metal lawn and home accessories will last longer thanks to our powder coating process' exceptional durability and superior finish. The appearance of a powder coated finish rivals that of a professional paint job, but it goes beyond aesthetics. Our powder coating serves as a shield, protecting the parts of your house and garden from rust, heat, scratches, wear and tear, and even severe weather.


We understand that the items in your house and garden need additional defense against dirt, debris, and harsh weather. That is exactly what our powder coating solution provides. Unlike traditional painting, powder coating strengthens and resists the elements, protecting your metal components. It has a high level of chemical and spill resistance, ensuring that your items are protected even from everyday household cleaners. No matter the environment your items are exposed to, you can rely that our home and garden powder coating will protect and preserve them.

color options

Choosing The perfect color and Texure finish

Powder coating for home and garden furnishings offers a precise and vibrant palette of colors and textures. Customize your patio furniture with serene coastal blues, warm earthy tones, or bold pops of color. The smooth and long-lasting finish provides protection against the elements. Sculptures and metalwork can be elevated with fine-grained matte, shimmering metallic, or textured patterns that accentuate details. Interior design projects shine with glossy, satin, or textured finishes on lampshades and decorative metal panels. Powder coating empowers you to personalize your furnishings, creating a captivating ambiance in your living spaces. With its precision and versatility, powder coating enhances the beauty of your home and garden items.


Home & Garden
Powder Coating

Our shop is located in Freeport, IL

Our shop is located in rural Freeport, Illinois, right off of highway 20. An easy access for serving the surrounding community!

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